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Financial support

It's unfortunate, but devoted volunteers and users are not enough to keep lernu! functioning on a daily basis. To be able to accommodate many users, lernu! uses an expensive web server. To evolve with new internet technologies, to grow and improve, lernu! needs diligent programmers. To give users constant support and answers to their questions in the right language and from the right person, someone must always be there to organize the communication. If lernu! wants to more actively publicize Esperanto, reward the most active users of the site, or advance learning tools and dictionaries in Esperanto, this too, obviously, costs money.

The research foundation Esperantic Studies Foundation has financed the project for the past few years (2002-2012), but now it wishes to reduce its financial support, little by little. Therefore, your contribution is important, small or large! Our heartfelt thanks go to the people who have already donated to the project! If you are willing and able to contribute, you can offer financial support to lernu! in one of the following ways:

  • PayPal account
  • UEA account - to the account lern-a; when you send a payment order through the UEA, please send a copy of it to teamo@lernu.net so that we may include you in our list of contributors.
  • Bank account - write to and let us know from which country you wish to pay, to receive detailed account information.
  • Sending a check to the "Esperantic Studies Foundation" at the address:
    • Esperantic Studies Foundation

Gifts to lernu! and ESF are tax-deductible in the USA, whether you pay by PayPal, check, or UEA account. If you would like to receive a receipt for tax purposes, send your e-mail address or mailing address to .

You can, if you want, indicate which part of the lernu! work you would like to support.

You can also, for example, send a prize yourself to the winner(s) in one of the lernu! quizzes, just contact us first to make the arrangements.

Any contribution you can offer would be very welcome!

Thanks in advance,
The team and the users of lernu!

P.S. It is also possible to help lernu! by volunteering your time as a translator, tutor, etc. Please contact for more information!