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About lernu!

Be aware that:

  1. People of many different ages and cultures use this website. Therefore, we ask that you always be tolerant and polite in your communications with other lernu! users.
  2. lernu! does not guarantee uninterrupted and consistently good functioning of the website at all times.
  3. The texts of the website may contain various typos and inaccuracies. The lernu! team tries to correct these errors as they are found, so your corrections and comments about them are welcome.
  4. On some lernu! pages, you can find links to other websites. lernu! is not in any way responsible for the content of these other sites.
  5. lernu! is not responsible for the contents of the messages sent by the users of the site.
  6. Upon registration at lernu!, you automatically become a member of the non-governmental and non-political organization E@I. E@I is the organization that created and maintains lernu!.
    More information about E@I and the membership
  7. lernu! reserves the right to change the rules of use of the website. In that event, lernu! will notify you promptly of the change.
  8. For statistical purposes, lernu! may collect technical information about its users, for example, IP addresses, information about which operating system and browser are being used, etc. Neither these, nor any other data regarding the users, will be given to anyone else. The privacy of the individual users of the site will not be endangered.
  9. The content of lernu! comes from various sources and as a result, different copyrights apply to different parts of the site. For that reason, if you want to re-use some part of the website in another location, you must first contact the team and request permission.

In the entire website, it is forbidden to:

  1. Use profanities or offensive expressions. That includes usernames, messages, forum messages, your introduction in your profile, etc. The only place where profanities should be found is in the Word Learning section of the site.
  2. Use indecent pictures or photographs that may be offensive to other users or cultures, as the picture in your profile.
  3. Send indecent postcards to other users.
  4. Make statements that:
    1. Provoke hatred of a certain nation, race, religion, social group, or gender;
    2. Spread, encourage, or advertise violence, drugs, or similar substances;
    3. Defame or slander another person in any way;
    4. Disrespect any person's right to their private life;
    5. Disrespect the rights of an author, trademarks, or licences. If you use copyrighted material, you must indicate the source.
  5. Use the website for commercial purposes. The only place where you may advertise any product or service is in the forum, under "About everything else".
  6. Use the message system, the translation system, or the tutoring system to advertise or send spam.
  7. Continue to write to users after they have told you not to contact them further. Please respect their wishes.
  8. Insert scripts into messages, that could damage the website.

Specific rules for the lernu! forums:

  1. Don't continually write about something that doesn't relate at all to the topic.
  2. Check to make sure that the topic that you are creating doesn't exist yet in the forum.
  3. In the Esperanto language forums, write only in Esperanto.
  4. In the national language threads, write in the language indicated for that forum. If you write in Esperanto, please translate the text into the language of that forum.
  5. The only place where you may use forums for commercial purposes is under the topic "About everything else".
  6. It is forbidden to send many identical or nearly identical messages.
  7. Do not slander other users or be dishonest in your discussions. For example, it is forbidden to misrepresent the contents of other messages, to change your comments with the intent to hide or misrepresent the meanings, or to provoke other users into disobeying the rules.
  8. Don't include spam.
  9. Obey the administrators of the site. If you are warned to translate your message or correct it, because it doesn't obey the rules, please do that. Otherwise, your messages may be deleted and you may be blocked and unable to use the page further.

Specific rules for the instant messenger.

  1. It is forbidden to send many identical or nearly identical messages.
  2. It is forbidden to intentionally try to damage the instant messenger or cause it to malfunction.

Specific rules for the virtual classroom:

  1. For teachers: Teach only the previously announced topic of the lesson.
  2. For students:
    1. Don't bother other students who are participating in the virtual lessons. If you do that, the instructor may block you. If you are blocked, you will be able to read what others have written, but not write any comments of your own.
    2. Don't try to intentionally damage the classroom, for example by adding scripts.

Administrators of lernu! may block you if you do not observe the rules. If you notice that a user is not observing the rules, use the reporting link found at the bottom of that user's profile or at the bottoms of messages, postcards, etc.

You may register to use this website only if you agree to the above-listed rules and conditions. In addition, lernu! may revoke your registration in the event that you clearly do not observe the rules and conditions.

If you have questions with relation to the points mentioned above, you are very welcome to write to .

Happy learning!