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Current lernu! team

Here is a list of people who plan and develop the site's content. The team can be contacted by e-mail at .

Name: Jevgenij Gaus (Jev)

Country: Germany

Responsibilities: Head programmer and coordination of technical execution

Name: Neringa (Jasminka)

Country: Germany

Responsibilities: Programming and content development.

Name: Erin PIATESKI (erinja)

Country: United States

Responsibilities: Internal and external relations, coordination of translating and tutoring work

Former members of the lernu! team

Name: Sonja Petrović-Lundberg (so)

Country: Sweden

Responsibilities: Coordinator of the project until 2010.

Name: Hokan LUNDBERG (ho)

Country: Sweden

Responsibilities: Programming and creation of content until 2010.

Name: Bertilo (bertilow)

Country: Germany

Responsibilities: Programming and language advice

Name: Clayton Smith (Argilo)

Country: Canada

Responsibilities: The first head programmer of lernu!, now one of the administrators of the server.

Name: Aaron Chapman (Arono)

Country: Canada

Responsibilities: Creation of the first design of lernu!, voice recording.

Name: Henning (henning)

Country: Sweden

Responsibilities: Conceptualization of lernu! at the beginning of the project, work on the picture dictionary.