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The following is a list of all contributors to lernu! - that is, people who have created content or done work for the site. Without them, lernu! would not be as large and successful a project as it is. Many thanks to them all! (If you helped with the Web site at some point but your name does not appear on this page, please write to !)

Tapani AARNE (Urho)

Compilation of Finnish word list for the dictionary.

Teuvo ALAVILLAMO (fantomo)

Compilation of Finnish word list for the dictionary.

Gabriel BEECHAM (Kwekubo)

Compilation of English and Irish Gaelic word lists for the dictionary.

Chaoming CHO (Abengo)

Compilation of Chinese word list for dictionary.


Creation of illustrations used on the site.

Simin EMRANI (simino)

Help with creation of PDF files.

Oleg IZYUMENKO (Oleg326756)

Help on implementation of Google technologies at the site.


Programming of word separator for the dictionary and several games.

Vitaly MONASTYREV (mesh)

Help with programming and downloadable version of lernu!.

Radojica PETROVIC (rade)

Development of exercises for the course "Jen nia IJK".

Neringa PREKEVIČIŪTĖ (Nenjo)

Led virtual lessons in Esperanto.

Emmanuelle RICHARD (e_richard)

Compilation of French word list for the dictionary.

Allon ROTHFARB (Allon)

Help with programming related to languages written from right to left.

Ingvar VON SCHOULTZ (Ingvar)

Help with programming.

Team  Translators