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About lernu!

lernu: word in Esperanto which means "learn!"

General information

lernu!: a free website for getting to know and learning the international language, Esperanto.
It's also a sort of experiment in learning languages online, without a teacher, and without classes. We are open to working together and we would gladly exchange experiences and ideas!


The idea of lernu! as a learning environment was born in connection with the first Education@Internet (E@I) seminar in Sweden in April 2000, and was solidified in October 2001 during the second E@I, also in Sweden.
In July 2002, the project received support from the foundation ESF, and we started work that August. The official launch happened four months later, in December 2002.

In this years of this project's existence, many different people have contributed to its success. You can also help - financially, or by volunteering your time (for example, by translation, tutoring, or dictionary editing).

Edukado@Interreto (E@I)

E@I was registered in 2005 as a politically neutral non-governmental youth organization. It was founded in 1999 as an international working group without legal personality, and it has worked on internet-based projects since the very beginning. Today's E@I continues to utilize the experience gained from its past activities. It works on projects which help Esperanto speakers use the Internet to collaborate worldwide, to spread information about Esperanto, and to teach it. E@I's three main fields of expertise are creating websites, organizing seminars and informing internet users about how Esperanto and the Internet can be used together to communicate worldwide easily and quickly!