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Picture dictionary

The picture dictionary gives you visual reinforcement while you learn words. Click on one of the headings below (or pick one using the drop down menu) to see a picture with objects linked to the subject. Then, put your mouse pointer over a number and an Esperanto word for that object will appear.

Picture Headings

1. People and Relationships2. Family
3. The Human Body4. The Human Body (2)
5. Vegetables6. Vegetables (2)
7. Fruits8. Fruits (2)
9. Meat, Poultry, and Seafood10. Meat, Poultry, and Seafood (2)
11. Containers, Quantities, and Money12. Containers, Quantities, and Money (2)
13. The supermarket14. The supermarket (2)
15. Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge16. Verbs used in restaurants
17. Common Prepared Foods18. Winter clothes
19. Everyday Clothes20. Everyday Clothes (2)
21. Underwear and Sleepwear22. Jewelry and Cosmetics
23. Describing clothes24. Describing the weather
25. Seasonal Verbs26. Houses
27. The Living Room28. The Dining Room
29. The Kitchen30. Cooking verbs
31. The Bedroom32. The Baby's Room
33. The Bathroom34. The Utility Room
35. A Workshop36. A Workshop (2)
37. Housework and Repair Verbs38. Medical and Dental Care
39. Ailments and Injuries40. Treatments and Remedies
41. Firefighting and Rescue42. Crime and punishment
43. The City44. The City (2)
45. The US Postal System46. The Library
47. The Armed Forces48. Trucks
49. Cars50. Cars (2)
51. Bicycles52. Bicycles (2)
53. Highway Travel54. Public transportation
55. Public transportation (2)56. Air Travel
57. Aircraft58. In Port
59. Recreational boating60. Plants and trees
61. Plants and trees (2)62. Simple Animals
63. Insects64. Birds
65. Fish and reptiles66. Mammals
67. Mammals (2)68. Mammals (3)
69. Mammals (4)70. Map of the World
71. The Universe72. The Space Program
73. The classroom74. Verbs used in school
75. A Science Lab76. Math
77. Energy78. Agriculture
79. Construction80. The Office
81. Occupations82. Occupations (2)
83. Occupations (3)84. Neighborhood Parks
85. Outdoor Activities86. Outdoor Activities (2)
87. On the beach88. On the beach (2)
89. Team sports90. Individual sports
91. Fields and Courses92. Sports Verbs
93. Sports Verbs (2)94. Musical instruments
95. Music, Dance, and Theater96. Electronics and Photography
97. Handicrafts98. Prepositions of Description
99. Prepositions of movement