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Concise grammar

Verb forms

Ending Explanation Example
-i basic form
esti - to be
skribi - to write
-as present tense
estas - is/am/are
skribas - write/writes
-is past tense
estis - was/were
skribis - wrote
-os future tense
estos - will be
skribos - will write
-us conditional form
(conditional mood)
estus - would be
skribus - would write
-u command form
(volitive mood)
estu silenta - be quiet!
skribu - write!

Complex verb-constructions

Complex verb constructions consist of a main verb and another verb with the same subject, which always takes the infinitive form. Usually these complex verb constructions are used with the verbs povi, devi and voli.
Mi volas manĝi. - I want to eat.
Mi ne povis veni. - I wasn't able to come.
Mi devos labori. - I will have to work.

More detailed explanations

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