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Concise grammar

This is an overview of the Esperanto grammar needed for basic communication. The explanations appear in your language. Words/phrases which are red and underlined have a picture clarification which appears when you move your mouse over them.

At the end of each unit there is a link to the corresponding exercises where you can develop your understanding of a specific point of grammar. The exercises are divided into 3 levels. When you have gone through the grammar for the first time and do not yet know many Esperanto words, level one is best. Levels two and three require a somewhat larger vocabulary and a better understanding of grammar.

At the end of the entire overview you will find a comprehensive test of the grammar presented.

If you are already comfortable with Esperanto, we recommend the use of the detailed lernu! grammar by Bertilo Wennergren. He also wrote the basis for this grammatical overview.

For specific questions, there is section called Grammar questions. There you will find frequently asked questions about the language Esperanto with answers, and a form to ask your own question.

Grammatical terms