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To open the dictionary, click on the button above. You can find explanations on how to use the dictionary under "Help pages".

>“La Vortaro”Pilger: “BER”Bick: “Esperanto-dansk”>

Help: * ?

When you see the main page of the course, you can:

  1. Choose a lesson from the drop-down menu beside "Lesson:"

  2. Watch a demonstration that shows you how to build a sentence or word

    1. Click the button marked "Go" (or "Add element", until there are no more language elements marked)

    2. Analyse the sentence (or word) that you have built by placing the cursor over the language elements and reading the explanations. Try to work out the meaning of the sentence (word) before looking at the translation.

    3. Click the button marked "Show translation" and say "Aha!" :-).

    4. Continue to next demonstration

  3. Complete an exercise that helps you to train your skills in building words and sentences

    1. Read the sentence (or word) after "Translate:"

    2. Think about how to translate it into Esperanto

    3. Build a sentence (word) by clicking language elements - for example, to build "granda domo" (= big house) you need to click "grand", "a", [space], "dom" and "o". (You can also drag an element into the "building area" to place it where needed between elements that you have already added. If you drag and drop one element onto another, it will be added before that element.)

    4. If you are not certain about what language elements you should use, click the "Help" button, and then the "Show solution" button if need be.

    5. Click the "Check" button when you think that you have completed the task (if the sentence/word is correct, a smiling face will appear; if incorrect, a frowning face will appear)

Additional explanations

  • Instead of clicking the space button, you can click on a language element that is already in the "building area"; this will add a space to the right of the language element that you have clicked. If there is already a space after a language element in the building area, you can remove the space by clicking the element.

  • If the language elements are moving too slowly (or quickly) for you, you can change the speed at which they move by adjusting the graphic beside "Speed".

  • If, while doing an exercise, you want to remove a language element that you chose before, simply drag that language element away from the "building area". You can change the order of the language elements in the building area by dragging and clicking.

  • To go to a previous/subsequent demonstration or exercise without finishing the one you are currently doing, click one of the blue arrows.