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Kio okazas?

This course is based on a short story with a comic strip for each chapter. You can read it for fun, and you will probably learn some new words that way. Another possibility is that you, having read a chapter, can try to rewrite the story in your own style, with the help of the comic strip. Only when you try to use a new language yourself can you really begin to learn it! Because of that, we strongly recommend that you try to rewrite every chapter of the story according to your own style and imagination. For each picture, you will have access to a list of words you can use to help you create a sentence, but you don't have to use them if you don't want to.

When you've finished writing and editing your descriptions for one chapter/comic strip, click on the button "Sendu". Your text will be sent to a tutor who will look over your story and will contact you with any necessary corrections or comments.

When you have finished the entire course, you will be able to publish your story so that it can be read by everyone at "Versioj de aliaj."

All words in the course are clickable, so you can easily find a translation if you don't understand a word.

Happy writing!