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Jen nia IJK

As well as teaching you important words for basic communication, the course also has information about what typically happens during Esperanto youth conventions. In the story, you'll follow Ina, who already knows Esperanto, and Kabe, who starts to learn it with the help of Ina. They decide to go to the IJK (Internacia Junulara Kongreso) and there they experience typical and not-so-typical stuff for an Esperanto youth event...

In every chapter, there are also pages for new words, new grammar rules, the story, comprehension questions and exercises. The idea is that you will learn some words and grammar rules which appear in the text before you start to read the chapter. After the reading, you will be able to answer questions and do exercises which are linked to the story.

(In the first three chapters, Ina and Kabe speak in a national language, but in the course the dialogues appear in Esperanto. At the beginning of chapter three they begin to communicate in Esperanto.)

This story contains some language of the sort spoken by young people - not always suitable for children! Some users have asked us to inform our students about this.

Good luck with your studies!

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