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>“La Vortaro”Pilger: “BER”Bick: “Esperanto-dansk”>

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1mariza4Estas bona kurso, sed gxi ne funkcias tre bone kaj gxi iras malrapide.
2briezee4I liked this, but it was hard to remember the names of some of the characters.
3Miland4Well done, keep it up.
4sinhue4Mi pensas ke moltaj respondoj ne estas bone.
5alexcassidy-Mi akordi cxe mariza. Bone kurso, sed tre malrapide.
6lvh4Por komenci esperanton, tiu kurso estas tre bona. Mais parfois, il y a des réponses correctes qui sont signalés comme faux, par exemple "ne, li ne studas. li instruas" ne passe pas alors qu'il est donné dans les réponses. Il y a trop de prénoms, c'est dommage qu'il y a des erreurs parce qu'on se trompe de prénom.
7fisher5tre bona kurso. vi devas adi tiu la kurso.
8Erulastannen5The corse was great but it needs to stop focusing so much on remember the names of the charaters and accept anwsers like... La virino mangxis fruktoj. instead of Fang mangxis fruktoj.
9archer19875I'm not going to say that the names were hard to remember or anything like that. The actual course was very well set up--before I couldn't remember any of the question words except kio and kie, now I know all of them because pictures and answers explain them so much better than words. Great job!
10Aimo-FIN4Names were hard to remember and kio/kiu mixed me up but otherwise really good.
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