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Ana renkontas

"Ana renkontas" is a correspondence course for those of you who already have some knowledge of Esperanto. This course is a continuation of the course Ana Pana and is primarily intended to teach conversation.

The course consists of eight parts. The idea is that for every part, you should:
1) read a text/dialogue and send responses to the questions to a tutor
2) do the "dialogue exercises", which are also sent to a tutor.
The tutor will later respond to you with whatever corrections and comments are needed.

Because this is an intermediate level course, you should already have enough knowledge of Esperanto to be able to write your questions or comments in Esperanto. Try to phrase your communications with your tutor in Esperanto, as far as possible. But if your question is very complicated, you can write it in another language that your tutor speaks (check your tutor's user profile to find out which languages they list).

Communicating with others in a dialogue is an essential part of language. To help you do this in Esperanto, we've created this course. This course is designed to reflect real use of the language; in the course, the language is used as it is spoken by young people, and it is not always adapted for children.

Good "chatting"!