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To open the dictionary, click on the button above. You can find explanations on how to use the dictionary under "Help pages".

>“La Vortaro”Pilger: “BER”Bick: “Esperanto-dansk”>

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How does the service work?

On the right-hand side of the address bar of your browser, you will see an icon like this one , or something similar. If you click on it, you'll see a message that might say something like "Subscribe to 'Latest news'"; it is giving you the opportunity to subscribe to the RSS feed for the latest news. You can subscribe to the RSS feed for site news on any page at lernu!. On the forum pages, you can also subscribe to receive updates on the forums, and at the pages about the word of the day, you can subscribe to a word of the day feed. Each RSS icon will contain information on what you are subscribing to. On the forum pages, the icon will also appear next to each category (both "In Esperanto" and "In other languages"), and next to each topic heading, if you only want to subscribe to one specific topic.

You will need to have a special program - an RSS reader - if you want to subscribe to an RSS feed. Some web browsers will have this capability built in. There are many RSS readers that you can download for free online, and install on your computer. Do an online search for "rss reader" if your browser doesn't have this capability, and you'll find something suitable for you.

If you want to subscribe to the feed for a topic that interests you, click on the message next to the RSS icon. Your RSS reader will add the link automatically, and from then on, you will be able to receive the flow of information within your RSS program. You can unsubscribe from lernu! RSS feeds at any time.