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About Esperanto

Pasporta ServoThere are many ways we use Esperanto. The most common ways are listed below.


It's very interesting to travel 'in' Esperanto. You can stay in the home of other Esperanto speakers (usually for free) and in this way you get an insider's view of the country/region. The Pasporta Servo book, which has addresses of hosts in more than 80 countries, is published every year (Click on the picture if you want more information.)

International meetings

Different kinds of meetings regularly go on in Esperanto. Some examples are: Internacia Junulara Kongreso (International Youth Congress, a meeting with generally 400 young people), Education@Interreto seminars (seminars about the Internet), Universala Kongreso (Universal Congress, the largest convention, normally with more than 1500 participants) and the Junulara E-Semajno (Youth Esperanto Week, a large New Year's Party in Germany or Poland).


If you like to use e-mail, instant messengers or newsgroups, then you will have plenty of possibilities to use Esperanto to talk about anything and everything. In fact, the Internet and Esperanto go well together! (Click on the picture if you want to read more.)

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