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About Esperanto

Esperanto has its own culture: music, literature, plays, etc. Here you can get a taste of it.


The Esperanto anthem * *

Here are some popular groups. (Click on the picture to hear the songs from the CD.)

Esperanto Desperado Ĵomart kaj Nataŝa Kore Persone Dolcxamar

Our heartfelt thanks to Eurokka (Esperanto-Universala-Rok-Organizo, Kolektiva Komunik-Asocio) - whose purpose is to develop and spread the culture of Esperanto music, and the bands and artists who sing in Esperanto, both inside and outside of the Esperanto movement - for help in getting rights to use the music at lernu!.

Here you will find introduction to several bands, their songs in mp3 format, and texts from the songs.


There are many books in Esperanto, both original and translated. Here are some covers:

Tempo fuĝas Kapturnoj La kosmo kaj ni La Ŝtona Urbo La Eta Princo

"Even the very first brochure about Esperanto contained a poem. From the beginning, people saw how richly and beautifully they could express themselves in Esperanto; it's indeed a language that makes you feel free. So, they started to use it artistically. Thus was born a literature richer than that of many languages in the first century of their existence." (Claude Piron)

You will find some very interesting stories in the library.

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