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About Esperanto

What is Esperanto?

It's a language that is particularly useful for international communication.

Important traits of Esperanto

  • International: Esperanto is most useful for communicating among people of diverse nations who do not have a common mother tongue.
  • Neutral: It doesn't belong to one people or country, so it works as a neutral language.
  • Equal: When you use Esperanto, you feel more equal from a linguistic standpoint than when, for example, you speak Spanish with a native Spanish speaker.
  • Relatively easy: Thanks to the structure of Esperanto, it's usually much easier to master than other foreign languages.
  • Living: Esperanto evolves and lives just like other languages, and it can be used to express the most varied facets of human thought and emotion.

We created this website because we like using Esperanto. Every day we use it to communicate with friends in different countries and continents, mostly online. We find Esperanto to be a good tool for making new friends and working together with people who speak different native languages.

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