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Introduction to the language

Here is the Esperanto alphabet. Each letter always makes the same sound, and spelling is perfectly regular. Click the examples to hear how they're pronounced!

A ami = to love Ĥ ĥoro = choir R rapida = fast
B bela = beautiful I infano = child S salti = to jump
C celo = goal J juna = young Ŝ ŝipo = ship
Ĉ ĉokolado = chocolate Ĵ ĵurnalo = newspaper T tago = day
D doni = to give K kafo = coffee U urbo = city
E egala = equal L lando = country Ŭ aŭto = car
F facila = easy M maro = sea V vivo = life
G granda = big N nokto = night Z zebro = zebra
Ĝ ĝui = to enjoy O oro = gold
H horo = hour P paco = peace

The entire alphabet (If you cannot hear the sounds, here are more detailed examples.)

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